I’m a musician, lyricist and writer from the north of England. I own 27 types of tea and 3 pairs of slippers.

I’ve just graduated from a Masters degree in vocal performance from Leeds College of Music, but my idea of a great night is still sitting in my pants, drinking cider and watching Harry Potter.

I make my own original music under the alias Molly Anna, but I used to write with a band called Young Peculiar. I’ve recorded music with producer Tony Platt (Bob Marley, ACDC) and performed live supporting Drenge and Zane Lowe.

Hire me!

I’ve done session work for all sorts of artists from folk to indie to film score composers, including:

Fran Wyburn and the Indigos – Little Moments EP
Backing vocals

Kid Conventional – Maps EP
Backing vocals and violin

Heather Fenoughty – Soundtrack to the animated film ‘The Good, The Bad and a Horse’

I’m currently getting ready to release Molly Anna’s debut, and also working with a new jazz band called Bishop Rambo. On Fridays I organise musical events for other people.

I can help you organise events, teach you to sing, write for you or sing for you. Just get in touch: bernadettedales@hotmail.co.uk


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